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The calorimetric SIKA flow monitors of the VE series are used for monitoring volumetric flows.

The flow monitor is easily screwed directly into the process line by means of a connection thread. As the measuring probe is available in two different lengths, a wide range of pipelines with various nominal diameters and wall thicknesses is covered.

In the compact version VES, the flow sensor and the associated evaluation electronics form one unit. In this way, the flow can be monitored directly at the measuring point.

The calorimetric flow monitor works according to the principle of temperature difference detection. There are two temperature sensors inside the cylindrical measuring probe. They have optimal heat-conducting contact with the medium and at the same time a good thermal insulation to each other. One sensor is heated with constant power, the other is not heated and thus assumes the medium temperature. When the medium is stationary, there will be a constant temperature difference between the two sensors.

The heated sensor is cooled by the flowing medium. The changed temperature difference between the two sensors depends on the flow velocity and is therefore a parameter for monitoring the preselected minimum flow. This signal is fed by a comparator controlling a transistor output signal.

The output signal is set to the desired flow limit value using a potentiometer. If this value is undercut, the transistor output signal is activated. A 6-digit LED chain indicates the proximity to the set alarm point.
» No movable parts in the flow
» Setpoint at extremely low flow possible
» High compressive strength
» Applicable with different nominal diameters

Typical Applications
» Dry-run protection for pumps
» Monitoring of lubrication circuits
» Cooling and heating circuits
» Leakage monitoring